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Some days Singleness Sucks

Some days being single sucks.  It just does.  No matter how strong you think you are or how strong your will is to not let it bother you, it does.  It’s not a great feeling.  You feel left out, unnoticed, unworthy, unloved, unfriended, alone, neglected and sometimes abused.   Have your feelings, let it out, speak your mind, write your words, let people know.  More than likely, there are others who feel the same way at the same time, but would never say anything.

Christ-following singles are strong, lovable, smart, important, beautiful, honest, trustworthy, discerning, God-loving, generous, thankful, gracious, forgiving, friendly and kind, among other things.  We take relationships very seriously.  Our goal is marriage to our God-chosen mate.  Please STOP playing games with us.  We know what you are doing.  Our Heavenly Father keeps us in the loop by helping us discern who deserves our time and attention.
A relationship with us, whether just friends or beyond, is solid.  Because it is based on God and the truest of Love. It should only be in the best of hands, deserving hands.

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