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Whom Not to Love

Usually I write something fluffy about Love before Valentine’s Day, but I decided it was time to come clean.  Being transparent is one of the hardest things to do, but if it helps someone else or points people in the right direction, that’s a story I want to tell.

Let’s talk about Online Dating Scams!  If you have ever been contacted on a social media website to have a conversation with another person whom you might be interested in, it could be an online dating scam.  Maybe not always, but of the three conversations I’ve had with gentlemen over a social media site, it was always true.

The first time, the conversations lasted about a week before he asked me for money and that he loved me.  I told him he was crazy and that I was not sending him money.  I reported him to the social media site and blocked him.  He claimed he was in the military. He was widowed and had a child living the states with his aunt.  So sad.  He had stolen someone else’s pictures as his own and they found out.

The second time, I was a little weary but I was curious to see what would happen.  I know, curiosity killed the cat.  But I was curious anyway.  I had my wall up, so I just went along with it.  We talked for about 2 weeks before he wanted me to transfer money for him through my bank.  Yeah, right!  I told him, NO! He kept asking in different ways, but my answer remained the same.  One day, he asked me in a way like I had already sent him money before, then I knew that not only was he trying to scam me but was also scamming other people while talking to me.  So sad.  He talked about being a widow and about his kids.  No conscience at all.  I reported him to the same social media site and blocked him.  I also reported him to the FBI because I realized this happens a lot and they need to know the names of these folks.

The third time and last time,(still curious, I mean really, 3 in a row?) I conversed with someone who claimed to be in the military overseas.  He was a widow and had a young child living in the states.  It only took a week before he asked me to send him a $50 gift card.  Really?  First he asked me if I had a credit card.  I told him that I didn’t discuss money with people I don’t know.  But he just wouldn’t quit.  Then he outright asked me for the gift card after, of course, he told me he loved me twice.  Really?  I told him that he couldn’t love me, he doesn’t even know me!  So, I reported him to the same social media site, the FBI and blocked him.

Please, Please, Please don’t fall for these people.  I pray that you will be able to discern the difference between them and the ones who are true.  If you can’t, please don’t have anyone!  It’s not worth it.  With all these social media sites, it’s really easy to be drawn in to want to talk to someone and see if there is a way to become friends or be in a relationship.  But not at the cost of your life and financial freedom.  They don’t deserve you!

There are signs to avoid an online dating scam:  BEWARE!

  1. They say they love you, but they’ve never met you.
  2. They want to get off the social media site and message you directly.
  3. They are working outside the states or traveling overseas.
  4. They are single with children or widowed with children who are living in the states.
  5. They act like they are interested in getting to know you, but eventually ask you to send them money by credit card, gift card or wire transfer through your bank.

Love is out there, but not this way!  Find someone you can meet face to face, talk to a long time and pray for your future.  They are not on social media, they just maybe around the corner.  You just haven’t run into them yet.

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