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Just One!

Dreamers often dream big!  So big that sometimes they dream themselves right out of their dream.  Is this you?


Just one means you only need to reach just one person with your dream to make a difference.  Stop pining for the day you reach millions.  God knows your future.  He knows what’s gonna happen.  If it is His dream also, it will become greater than you ever imagined.  Greater than you ever dreamed.  


Just one person needs to hear your songs, just one person needs to hear your words, just one person to see you create, just one person to be encouraged, just one person to needs to listen.  


If you touch more people with your talent, your purpose, then you will be blessed and the ones you touch will be blessed.  God’s glory will shine through your darkest times.  He wants you to live an abundant life.  A life full of hope, love and trust.  You just have to have a little faith.

Believe in yourself, in God and in your dream.  He gave it to you!  He knows you the best!  You will succeed.  Trust in yourself and in others.  Always do your best and let God do the rest!  


You’ve got this! Now go and be great!  And guess what?…………God wins in the end!

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