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Being Famous

Being famous is hard work.  It’s not for the ordinary, but the extraordinary!  Let me describe what a day in the life of being famous looks like.


You wake up from 8 hours of lovely sleep, make coffee and watch TV.  While watching TV, you write the next week’s lesson plans for your grade level.  Take a shower, get dressed, go pay a bill and buy a battery pack at your Walmart.


Then go home, put on makeup, get dressed and look fabulous!  Grab all your materials and get into the car.  Drive to the book signing and set up your table with materials.  During book signing, meet wonderful people, listen to wonderful music, make connections and lots of money from selling your book.


After your book signing, you pack up, thank who invited you and leave.  Go get something to eat from the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant and go home.  At home, get re-dressed into yoga pants and t-shirt and eat dinner.  Then turn on TV, watch re-runs of your favorite show, catch up on emails and social media.  Post any pictures and video to all social sites and write a blog.


When the children come home, you spend time with them and share your days.  Go to bed on time so you can get 8 hours of lovely sleep.  Dream sweetly and when you wake up, it’s a new day.

Sounds absolutely awesome, doesn’t it!  Yeah, its the best!  Dream BIG and BIG things will happen!

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