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The Extroverted Introvert

Is this you? Are you social but like to be alone?  Can you handle social situations with ease and be happy by yourself?  If so, you’re an Extroverted Introvert.   


It certainly is Me!  I am very well balanced in both of these areas.  I  can be at social functions and mingle with friends/strangers, but also love to be by myself.  I believe this comes from being a middle child.  I come from a big family and am 1 of 6 kids.  I loved to play with my brothers and sisters, but once they got on my nerves, I would go and play or read by myself.  I believe middle kids are well-rounded individuals.


Sometimes one vert overtakes the other vert.  When I have to present to adults or do a book signing with no friends present, I am an Introvert Extrovert.  It really scares me to do it.  I don’t like it.  I don’t want to be the center of attention.  I like to be noticed, but not on display!  I have to really work hard to be brave and move forward during these activities.  They make me really nervous.

I push through, though, because I know these things help other people and help me to overcome my fear of public speaking.  I can talk to kids all day, but it’s not the kids who buy my books or need to learn a new teacher concept.  I can write online all day about whatever, but to talk to people about reading my blogs or introducing it to get people interested is scary for me.  


I’m thankful for all my followers and others who just read my posts.  I hope it helps you and blesses you and you are able to pay it forward by sending it to someone who would benefit from it.  As my Book Signing approaches, I must get my mind off being scared to being brave.  I know that when people buy the book and read it they will be blessed and feel loved.  I’m doing an awesome thing.


Embrace your Extroverted Introvert or your Introverted Extrovert.  Love yourself the way you are.  It is the way you were created and God doesn’t make mistakes!  You are Wonderfully and Beautifully Made.  I know, I wrote the book on that one!


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