Wear Clean Underwear!

That’s supposingly what mothers tell their children in case they’re in an accident. You don’t want people to see or smell your dirty underwear when you get to the hospital! If that’s true, you may also want to keep your house clean when the police show up!

Now, this is a true story!

I had just finished cooking dinner, but still had bread in the oven. I had gone over to sit on the couch and finish watching a Hawaii Five-0 episode. All of a sudden, I hear a loud “POP”! I get up quickly and start looking around. Then I remember I had bread in the oven and it might be burning, so I took it out. That wasn’t it. Then I started looking around the floor at all the cords plugged in, but nothing was on fire.

So I decided to go look outside to see if something happened out there. I walked around the front of my house and noticed the corner of the window looked odd. As I got closer I could see a bullet hole, then I got scared. I looked around; no one was outside, but me.   I call the police and within minutes eight police cars were at my house. That’s what happens when you live in a neighborhood behind the department or maybe they were just bored.

When they arrived, they asked me what happened and started looking around. They asked if they could go inside and I said, “Yes, but excuse the mess!” Realizing that they had probably seen worse, I let myself off the hook. But when you have really cute officers standing in your yard, who have gone inside your house on a Saturday when you have done nothing but schoolwork and laid around all day, you start to feel bad for yourself.

After the investigation, I went inside and realized my house was a mess and that no really cute officer of the law would even think twice about me as a future wife. So I excused the mess and went about my every Saturday schoolwork, laying around and doing nothing day.   Later, as I went to the laundry room to check the laundry, I saw that my next door neighbor was home. I went to tell him what happened and to be careful. They have little children who play outside and I wanted to keep them safe.

He said, “I think it’s the boy across the street from you. He is in ROTC and has a practice gun that shoots plastic pellets. I had to speak to his father a couple of weeks ago because he was outside in his front yard with it. I told his father that it was not cool.”  He said, “He was probably trying to hit that tree and missed or hit it and it ricocheted off of it.”

I immediately called the police officer back to give him this new information to add to the report in hopes that he would go and talk to this boy.   As I’m sure this was an accident, I am worried that if the boy isn’t notified of his actions, it may become someone else’s window or more.

After this terrifying experience, I am glad I called the officers and they came, but maybe next time I’ll be sure to wear clean underwear and clean my house!


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