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Look Back Often

I know there’s a saying, “Don’t ever look back!” But as a Christ-follower, I look back often. I look back to see how far God has brought me from. How far He has protected and provided for me. Before I was ever born, God destined me for GREAT things. “Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be”. (Psalm 139:16)

I’ve lived a life where I’ve contemplated murder, suicide and running away. I’ve had depression. I’ve ruined relationships, friendships and made some really bad choices. And even though these were times I wasn’t a Christ-follower, God was there for me. He was just waiting for me to need him. Waiting for me to call to him, so he could run to me, hug me and remind me that I am destined for GREAT things. Now as I look back on these choices I’ve made and places I’ve been, I praise the God who saved me, protected and provided for me. The God who loves me in my trouble and in my joy! The God who leads me into greener pastures and hides me under his wings.

Look Back to see where you’ve been. Take a moment. Where has He brought you from? How has He protected and provided for you? Your life is not lived by your own strength, but His. You get to make choices, but alone we don’t always make to best ones. We need God to help us make the best choices for our lives. Remember, He ordained our days way before you came to be! We need him to lead us and show us the way.

I still have troubles and sometimes make bad choices, but God is never far away. I call on him more. I’ve learned to pray before making a choice. I’ve learned to wait, be still, and worship. I’ve learned to be content and calm. I’ve learned that being destined for GREAT things requires GREAT patience and GIANT steps!

As you are moving forward on this great journey of life, remember to Look Back Often!



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