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Why I Mission In Honduras and how you can help!

Why I Mission in Honduras!  

 Mission Trip: June 22-29, 2017


I mission in Honduras because every heart needs a place, I mission because every heart has a face.

I mission to change lives; mostly my own. I mission to trust Jesus in my heart that’s on loan.

I mission to give back what God has given me, I mission because He gave me victory.

Over trouble and over death, I find joy in all I see, God gave me new eyes to see those who live in poverty.

He needs me to stand not alone, but with friends, and travel with Revolution Church to the far ends……of the earth.

To reach those far and wide, who may not know that Jesus survived.

I can’t escape the way I feel, it’s in my heart and oh so real.

To mission with Louder Than Words Ministry means to give my all, to be generous and stand tall.

For all of those who cannot go and do, please pray for our team and give money, too.

The support to give, weather money or prayer, will help us go where some would not dare.

I mission to help those that are in need, to give my heart and plant a seed.

How you can help! 

Go to and donate any amount.

Also pray for our team as we love and minister to Centro Integral Orphanage and work in a village (Las Lomitas) on several construction projects, daily bible school with the children and evangelism opportunities throughout the village.  I will be sharing my testimony, leading a skit, teaching a bible story and leading a game.

Please pray generously and give as God lays it on your heart.  Thank you!



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